The Fallen Universe
538 A.D. King Arthur and the Knights of his Round Table were killed by an army led by Morgan Le Fay; although he had finally obtained the sword Excalibur that was not her ultimate goal. A dark Wizard named Maddox Blood told her of a power that would eclipse that of the mighty sword. When Merlin learned of Arthur’s death and who was responsible he knew that his last days on Earth were upon him.

In an effort to protect his children he entrusted their lives to his oldest friend; an immortal named Calisto. He was instructed to take the children to a cave some 300 miles north of Camelot. However this was no ordinary cave. The cave was a doorway into the future. The children were sent through the cave and arrived in the year 2000. Almost 12 years later the children now 13 and 11 without instruction have almost mastered their magic and with that came memories of a life not lived.

The children began remembering a white bearded man that they knew was their father but they also began having memories of Merlin’s life as well. For over 11 years the children were safe however that was about to change. Blood learned to Merlin’s offspring and where they had gone. Although Blood was not immortal he found a way to place himself in a suspended state until he awakened in the year 2012. His quest: to find Merlin’s offspring, kill them as he did with their father, and take their power!

The Fallen Universe
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