The Fallen Universe
The fact that I am a parent weighed heavily on my decision to make this story the first for The Chronicles Of The Fallen series. However after thinking about it the fact that I am a parent is the reason that I went forward with it.
I came up with the idea of this book in the summer of '07 while I watched my children play in a park.

​Jericho was among the most loved and divine of all the angels along with Michael, Gabriel, Azrael, and Lucifer. Lucifer's greed grew and influenced Jericho to join him in his attempt to take over heaven but Jericho chose God over him. For his betrayal Lucifer and his followers were cast into hell but not Jericho. Once God created man he saw that Lucifer and his armies of demons would do anything to make humans suffer. As a result by God's command Jericho was sentenced to walk the Earth forever fighting Lucifer, his demons, and any other evil that threatened the Earth and it's people.

In Innocence, Jericho is called to investigate the disappearance of a seven year old boy. However the investigation turns into something more when the boy is killed and another child is kidnapped. The events leading up to the kidnapping and murder of the young boy is what made Jericho decide to investigate. However when the boy's guardian angel is murdered Jericho realizes that this is something bigger than he anticipated. Can Jericho find out what is happening before the second child is killed and can he stop what is really happening before it is too late?

Forget everything that you think you know about religion, angels, demons, the devil and God. This book will test your faith and make you question everything that you have ever been taught about any religion. You have to ask yourself what do you believe? Jericho White will make you see that not all heroes follow the good path and he will make you believe in what is real! 
"Here Comes Goodbye"
Rascal Flatts
Unstoppable ​​