The Fallen Universe
The one book that chronicles the truth about all religion and so much more, the Book of Verum has been stolen.  The person responsible wants to use its knowledge to destroy the church or are his sights set on something else?  Nevertheless the book possesses instructions to a sinister power that if released could bring fourth the end of existence as we know it!

With the book now in the open everyone is in search of it; from Deathsong and the Knights of Hell, the 24, to every power hungry evil that walks the planet to the angels of Heaven.  With the book no longer in hiding the world is beginning to unravel.

​​With help from of Richter and Calisto, Jericho heads off on a journey to find the book and repair the damage that has already been done; but they are not alone on their journey, someone has been following them since it began.  However when Jericho finds the man responsible for stealing the book he is killed!

Who is the mysterious person that had been following Jericho and the others on their journey?  Is he or she in search of the book or something else?  Why has Calisto suddenly disappeared?  Who is the man that has stolen the book and what is he using it to find?  Is there anyone that can stop what's happening and if not what does that mean for Earth?

The Marshall Mathers LP2​​