The Fallen Universe
Thousands of years before the creation of Mesopotamia and Sumerian civilizations a Mystic by the name of Avin SA fathered a son. His wife who was not a Mystic died at child birth leaving Avin to take care of his newly born child. Avin was no saint as he was one of the most feared and evil Mystics to ever exist.However he hid that life from his wife because he did truly love her. When she died he was devastated and blamed her death on the birth of their child. When he looked at his son all he could feel was hatred for taking the life of the woman that he loved.

His wife was a kind and gentle woman and had she known what kind of a man Avin was she would have never married him. When Avin wanted a woman he took her without question or permission. However there would be little resistance to what he wanted as he was intimidating to say the least. He was also wealthy and that drew many people to him including women. This however was not the case with Jazel. The woman that would become his wife showed little or no interest in him as she was not one to be attracted to wealth.

Due to her lack of interest Avin was drawn to her and because of this he did not take her as he did other women. This was his fuel to change his methods in order to get her attention. Against his usual evil ways he had begun to do things for others while in her presence and in the town for which she lived. Although it pained him to act in any other way that what he had been accustomed to it paid off and Jazel began to notice. His façade was enough to make her fall in love and soon there-after the two were wed.

Only three months after their marriage Jazel found out that she was with child and it had become the happiest moment of her life. Avin did not end whatever work he had been into before he met Jazel but that never went home with him. She had no idea that she was married to one of the most evil men that the world had ever known but in her eyes he was a good man.
After her death he named his son Uri (death) in their language as a reminder that it was his son who had killed his love. He did raise his son who had no characteristics or powers of any Mystic but it was not a peaceful and loving upbringing. He hated his son Uri and caused him to suffer with every word and chance that he could get.This torture and suffering would go on for 15 years until the one day Uri SA died and Deathsong was born!

"Back in Black"