The Fallen Universe
My name is Tobias Richter; I was born in the year 7990 BC. Ten thousand years old…I have been chasing criminals almost as long as I have been alive.I am the last remaining survivor of a race of people known as Mystics. They were a group of immortals that all had different powers and abilities. If you're wondering how I can be the only survivor from a race of immortals don't worry I'll get to that. There were only a total of about 500 Mystics that walked the Earth with few descendants to carry on our legacy. Although Mystics could have children it was difficult to achieve. Only a select few of men and women from that race could either bare children or impregnate someone.

Because of this fact many of the men that could produce children would find human women to begin a family with. However it would not be the bliss that everyone would be hoping for. Children born of a Mystic man and a human woman were nothing more than mortals just like everyone else. Finding a human woman to form a relationship would come with heartache when he would have to watch her grow old and eventually die. He would also have to do the same with his children. Any child who is not born with parents who are both Mystics would live out their lives as normal humans. They would not inherit immortality or any of the power and ability that a full Mystic would. After a few hundred years Mystic men stopped all relationships with anyone human as the pain of losing family was too much to bear.

Mystics found other ways to fulfill their lives. Many became doctors, craftsmen, and shop keepers and like me some went into law enforcement. Mystics were scattered all over the world doing what they loved to do. However as it has always been true, there is always strength in numbers and having so many scattered all over the globe would be their downfall.

My mother was a Mystic but after a while she was referred to as the town whore. The reason was because my father was killed by another Mystic named Avin. Since he was killed and never returned many people believed that she had been abandoned and without knowing the story of what happened condemned her. Avin was one of the most powerful and evil Mystics to ever exist and my father had been hunting him for a long time.

​Avin treated his oldest son so horribly that he made a deal with the devil himself and was granted not only immortality but powers and abilities that eclipsed any Mystic. He was given the power to kill an immortal and apparently to erase any existence of anyone including their souls. I had heard stories of one man that could do that and for a long time I though he was responsible for the eradication of my species but it was my brother all along. Deathsong as he is now known and I faced off for the first time after he killed my mother right in front of my eyes. He had systematically killed off every Mystic that ever existed except for me. It was because of Deathsong and his actions that led me to law enforcement and I am one of the best in the world.

These are the accounts of my most startling cases…

"New York, New York"
Frank Sinatra​